Jul 17 2013

President of Cyprus to Chehwane: Lebanese Investors and Tourists Are the Most Welcome in Cyprus

President of Cyprus to Chehwane: Lebanese Investors and Tourists Are the Most Welcome in Cyprus
President of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, has yesterday received George Chehwane, the Chairman and CEO of Plus Holding, accompanied by the Ambassador of Human Rights Commission in Cyprus, Elie Eid. During the meeting, the President extended an invitation to Lebanese businessmen to visit Cyprus in an aim to encourage investments and strengthen economic ties with Lebanon and the Arab World.

Seeing a promising financial outlook for Cyprus and Lebanon, Anastasiades shed the light on the upcoming gas and oil extraction operations involving the two countries, explaining that this sector is expected to generate several job opportunities and enhance the economy.

The Cypriot President also expressed his desire to have the Lebanese Association of Banks visit Cyprus and discuss the banking situation there, noting that there are more than nine operating Lebanese banks in Cyprus today and tremendous efforts were exerted to protect them from the effects of the recent crisis.

"We share several common interests and cultural aspects with Lebanon," declared the President of Cyprus. "While Cyprus serves as Lebanon's bridge to Europe, Lebanon is our gateway to the Arab world."

Chehwane declared his intention to soon hold an economic forum under the patronage of the President in Cyprus to serve as a networking initiative between Arab chambers of commerce and businessmen and Cypriot officials and businesses.

It is worth noting that Plus Brokers recently started offering exceptional real estate deals in Cyprus. With the issuance of the new law that allows investors with over 300000 Euros to receive a permanent residence visa in Cyprus, Lebanese and Syrian clients have so far shown huge interest in the market and Plus Brokers continues to cater to their needs.


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