Jun 19 2012

Positive return of 10.09% For QIB - UK Hemaya

Doha, Qatar 19 June, 2012: The first tranche of QIB (UK)'s sharia compliant structured note programme, Hemaya, investing in the Qatari stock market, has matured posting a positive return of 10.09% on investors' invested capital.

QIB (UK) was the first institution to launch a Sharia'a compliant capital protected structured note, in May 2010.

Since this first issuance, QIB (UK) has launched 6 Hemaya structured note tranches raising over US $150million. The structure of Hemaya has demonstrated the strength and effectiveness of its design, which has provided investors with a good return whilst managing the risk proactively. The equities basket was replicated for the following two tranches, but for the last three tranches, the Saudi Stock Exchange and the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange were incorporated to provide investors with a broader array of stock selection. Hemaya is a pioneer in the Islamic Finance space, providing investors with a capital guaranteed alternative to direct exposure to equities.

Over the 2 year duration, the Hemaya I tranche has performed despite the challenges seen in the global markets. This is primarily due to the strength in the growth seen in Qatar due to their announcement of a large scale investment programme for Qatar's plans for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Furthermore, the volatility cap has help maintain the positive return allowing the basket to withstand the shocks in collapsing markets while preserving the performance.


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