Sep 09 2008

New Company Announcement: A'ayan Capital

Mansour Hamad A Mubarak.
Mansour Hamad A Mubarak.

Company Reveals Brand Identity Reflecting a Traditional Yet Ambitious New Business Strategy

Kuwait - 09 September 2008: A'ayan Capital Investment Company, formerly the investment division of A'ayan Leasing and Investment Company , today officially announced its establishment as a separate company to help fulfill its strategic business goals more effectively.

A'ayan Capital was established in 2007 with a capital of KD 25 million, and has been registered with the Central Bank of Kuwait as a wholly owned subsidiary of A'ayan Leasing and Investment a few months earlier and has been finalizing its marketing and PR campaign designed to strengthen its market presence. Part of this effort included a new corporate branding campaign to differentiate it from its parent company.

Mansour Al Mubarak, CEO and Managing Director said "A'ayan Capital has been operating since 2003 as the investment arm of A'ayan Leasing and Investment . As a separate entity we can focus our efforts and dedicate our resources more efficiently and effectively which will help us to develop and achieve a key market position over the next few years, certainly in Kuwait as well as regionally."

"Our focus is now more on emerging markets and we are always developing a comprehensive range of innovative and market driven financial investment products and services that will help us become one of the top 10 asset management companies in the region."

The design of the logo defines the new corporate identity as one that is both dynamic and goal oriented yet based on traditional values and ethics. With its new tagline "Investments Fostered by Creativity and Driven by Methodology", A'ayan Capital reinforces its proven successful track record that has been achieved over the past five years.

"We are pleased to announce our new identity, which combines the company's bright talents along with high quality investment services and products that have been targeted to suite the specific needs of investors in the Middle East. Our new and committed strategy will enable us to grow and deepen our market penetration and thereby increase our competitiveness in order to support major corporate customers more effectively," Al Mubarak added.

With the company's wide range of high quality investment products and services that include corporate financing, mutual funds, asset management, third party property management and related financial instruments, A'ayan Capital's dedicated and experienced team of finance professionals will continually seek to provide efficient and well-executed solutions to its clients' most complex financial challenges.


About A'ayan Capital:
A'ayan Capital is a leading Kuwaiti financial services company, was established in 2007 with a market capitalisation of KD 25 million. A comprehensive range of investment products and services include corporate finance, mutual funds, asset management, wealth management and related financial instruments.

A'ayan Capital's successful track record includes the development of: Abyaar Real Estate Development Co., Mubarrad Transport, Dijlah and Furat Bank for Development and Investment, Insha'a Holding, and Ain Takaful Insurance.

A wholly owned subsidiary of A'ayan Leasing and Investment , A'ayan Capital seeks to pursue its strategic business plan which focuses on investments covering the GCC, North Africa, Levant and other emerging market opportunities.

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