Jan 04 2013

Nasrallah: Exploiting oil, gas resources cause of regional incidents

Tehran: Secretary-General of Lebanon's resistance movement Hezbollah Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah once again reiterated that all the regional incidents are attributed to the big powers' aspirations' for exploiting the oil and gas resources of the nations.

'It is very regretting that the occupier enemy has passed all the states of exploitation of oil and we are still engaging in the basics,' Nasrallah said in his speech on the occasion of Arbaeen (40 days after death of someone) of Imam Hussein (PBUH), Islam's third Shiite Imam, in the Eastern Lebanese city of Balbak on Thursday.

'We (Hezbollah) have now access to important documents pertaining to oil and gas and this issue can resolve many of the economic and social problems of Lebanon,' he added.

Nasrallah noted that if Lebanon one day utilizes its wealth itself (oil and gas), it can pay back its debts so that there will be no difficulty in relation to the law of paying wages and issues particularly related to the retired Lebanese people.

'Oil should not be dealt with from a partisan or regional perspective because oil at any location (whether in the south or in the north) belongs to all Lebanese people and it is an opportunity for bringing this country out of its present situation,' he added.

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