Feb 12 2008

L'Oreal introduces Collagen Skin Re-Modeller.

L'Oreal Collagen Skin Re-Modeller
L'Oreal Collagen Skin Re-Modeller

Skin Re-definition in a bottle.
Think it's just wrinkles that age you? Think again...Ageing is not only about the appearance of wrinkles. Loss of skin contour definition can age you, just as wrinkles can: it leads to the facial hollowing and a less defined oval. L'Oreal Paris, has created Collagen Skin Re-Modeller, a re-defining day cream that targets hollow areas, plumps up the face and re-models its features. This is the latest collagen powered offering from L'Oreal Paris, that completes the daily anti-ageing routine for women over 30.

With age the collagen fibers in the skin decline in quality and their ability to support the skin slows down: the face loses its youth volume on the cheeks, temples and neck. As a result the facial features appear harsh and the oval of the face is less defined.

Collagen Skin Re-Modeller from L'Oreal Paris is a unique active complex that contains selected active ingredients, designed to "re-model" your face. Active Pro Collagen increases the production of new collagen fibers and protects them from degradation, while Collagen biospheres, tiny natural origin collagen spheres, inflate up to 9 times their initial volume once in contact with the skin, and fill in wrinkles.

The unique active complex has a skin surface refining action, helps you revitalise and restore the appearance of youthful suppleness and elasticity, protects the skin and helps slow down skin ageing while stimulating collagen synthesis for improved firmness and smoothness.

Day after day Collagen Skin Re-Modeller active ingredients re-define hollow areas: cheeks, temples and neck. The benefits are spectacularly visible. In less than three weeks, it has shown real improvements in skin texture and appearance. 64% of women, who tested the product, noticed its effectiveness with re-plumped hollow areas and re-modeled facial contours.

Formulated with SPF15 the new day cream helps protect against the signs of premature skin ageing as well. Furthermore Collagen Skin Re-Modeller is elegantly and premium packaged, and makes the application really easy and precise.

Collagen Skin Re-Modeller is the ultimate anti-ageing solution and re-defining skin care for face and neck, that dramatically improves the condition of skin and defies ageing as time goes on.

The retail price for Collagen Skin Re-Modeller is AED 60.10.

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About L' Oréal
Since 1907 L' Oréal have been constantly pushing scientific boundaries to the limit. L' Oréal's research facilities in France, USA and Japan bring together more than 2700 scientists with the sole purpose of developing new technologies that transform into hundreds of innovative new products each year. The L' Oréal experience caters to every aspect of a woman's beauty dreams, from visibly beautiful skin and fashionable make-up to vibrant hair color and sleek hair care ranges.

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