Jun 28 2007

Khalaf Al Habtoor Offers Support to USA bound Emirate International School Pupil

Khalaf Al Habtoor Offers Support to USA bound Emirate International School Pupil
EIS student selected to attend People to People Leadership Summit at Stanford University, California

Dubai, UAE 28 June 2007, Khalaf Al Habtoor, Chairman of the Al Habtoor Group , a pioneer of Education in the United Arab Emirates and founder of the Emirates International School , ( EIS ) offered his best wishes and moral support to Emirates International School student Hibar Soegiyono, who was recently accepted by Stanford University in California USA as a participant in the People to People Leadership Summit.

Stanford University, one of America's leading educational establishments is hosting the Summit this summer, which aims to follow its founding mission of "peace through understanding" by preparing exceptional students from around the world for success in college and beyond. All students accepted into the People to People program must meet rigorous academic and leadership requirements and Hibar Soegiyono qualified whilst a pupil at EIS . At the Summit Hibar will represent his school, his community and the UAE as a People to People Student Leader.

Mr Khalaf Al Habtoor oversees the Al Habtoor Group of Companies, which includes EIS . Mr Al-Habtoor met with Hibar and offered his moral support and endorsement for his upcoming trip to the United States.

A strong supporter of education who has founded two schools in the UAE and who takes a keen personal interest in the education and development of the children of the UAE, Mr Al-Habtoor was delighted to meet the young and talented.

"I am proud that our Emirates International School will be represented by Hibar. I am happy to be able to extend my congratulations on his achievement and to offer my moral support. I believe that, especially in our world today, it is very important to find young people like Hibar, with extraordinary leadership skills and who strive towards success, and in particular, strive in their desire to make a difference to society. I wish Hibar all the best at the Summit and for the future."

Hibar Soegiyono commented, "I would like to thank Mr. Al-Habtoor and I am greatly honoured by the support he has shown me. The Al Habtoor Group magazine, Al Shindagah, first introduced me to the idea of promoting mutual understanding and Mr Habtoor continues to be an inspiration to me, particularly his leadership in promoting Arab cultures and peace. I am delighted that my school, EIS , has also been recognised for this achievement."


Notes to Editors
The Al Shindagah magazine which has been established in 1993 under the direct supervision Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor, is one of the most respected corporate magazines in the Middle East, Al Shindagah. Publishing features in English and Arabic, Al Shindagah Magazine highlights the aspects of life and business that symbolise the United Arab Emirate's dynamic reputation as the gateway to the Middle East. Its purpose is to promote the UAE and the rest of the countries in the region as prosperous modern states with many opportunities for business and growth.

In addition to this, it is Khalaf Al Habtoor's aim to contribute to a peaceful dialogue between the Muslim and the Western world, which has brought him several peace awards and recognition on an international scale, since the Al Shindagah magazine, including his articles are distributed world wide, also to the G8 governments. He is a supporter of the Council of American Islamic Relations organization and close friend to Paul Findley, former US congress member and author of the book: "They dare to speak out".

About Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor
Mr. Habtoor has served as a former member of the Federal National Council. He is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry. He is a former Chairman of the Commercial bank of Dubai. Khalaf Al Habtoor is also a former member of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

From 1994 to 1997, he was the only non-US member of the World Boards of Governors of the American United Services Organization (USO), but resigned in protest over America's Middle East Policy.

Currently he is Chairman of Al Habtoor Group and Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance Company. Mr. Habtoor is a member of the Dubai Economic Board, formed in March 2003. Mr. Habtoor was given honorary membership of the Arab American Medical Association in recognition of his contribution to the establishment of the Arab Cultural Awards by the AAMA. Mr. Habtoor was presented with a special certificate of appreciated at their first award ceremony held in Houston, Texas in 1998.

Mr. Habtoor has been awarded with the honour of a Knighthood from the President of Lebanon. He was also elected as Man of the Year 2003 for Foreign Investors from Ways Group Beirut, in appreciation of his continued support and investment in Lebanon.

In July 2005, Mr. Al-Habtoor was presented with an Honorary Doctorate degree in Humane Letters by President Hiam Sakr of the American University College of Science & Technology in Beirut in July 2005.

Khalaf Al Habtoor was awarded the prestigious International Peace Prize by the United Cultural Convention of America, recognizing his achievement for peace and justice across political, religious and ethnic divisions.

In April 2004, Mr. Al-Habtoor accepted an invitation from the American Biographical Institute to become a Grand Ambassador of Eminence, because of his vase accomplishments within his profession and his contribution to the UAE. The A.B.I. has also included Mr. Al-Habtoor in its prestigious volume "Leading Intellectuals of the World", where he joins an elite group of men and women, who are dedicated to societal improvements through an understanding and commitment to humanity. In 2006, the A.B.I. have named Mr. Al-Habtoor as Genius Laureate of the UAE for distinguished progression and mastery in the field of accomplished leadership as recorded in the "500 greatest genius' of the 21st century".

In gratitude for his sincerity and dedication in supporting its noble cause, Mr. Al-Habtoor recently received a Gold medal from the red crescent society of the UAE. He also has received appreciation awards from the International Indigent Orphan Relief Organization, The Palestinian Children's relief Fund, The Al Ain Centre for Handicapped Children and Rashid Pediatric Therapy centre.

In appreciation of his pioneering spirit & achievements, Mr. Al-Habtoor was awarded the Gulf Excellence Award of the United Arab Emirates during the Gulf Excellence Forum held in the Kingdom of Bahrain in February 2005.

In April 2007, Mr. Al-Habtoor was honored by members of the British Parliament for his efforts towards building bridges between the Arab World and the West. The World Forum award was presented to Mr. Habtoor by four British MPs who were in Dubai to speak at an event held on peace-building and fostering cultural understanding, which was organized by the world forum.

It has been Mr. Al-Habtoor's ability to look ahead and see opportunities and to face new challenges that has enabled the Al Habtoor Group to grow and diversity. Well respected by his associates, Mr. Al-Habtoor is progressive man, who is an interested and active member of his society and feels it is his civic duty to contribute to his country in any way he can.

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