Sep 30 2012

Energy minister unveils measures to ease pressure on energy sector

Amman - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Alaa Batayneh on Sunday unveiled a package of measures to boost local energy sources to ease the pressure on the Kingdom's annual JD2 billion energy bill.

He told a press conference that the cabinet had decided to solve all outstanding issues with the Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company to pave the way for attracting a strategic partner to raise its capacity.

The minister said all pending financial matters between the government and the company had also been settled and the refinery's profit had been doubled to JD15 million a year.

Batayneh also referred to other energy-conserving measures approved by the cabinet, including one that tied construction permits with installation of solar heating systems to apartments, offices and houses, a regulation that will go into force next April. The minister also said the Council of Ministers agreed with the Jordan River Foundation to offer soft loans for citizens in the governorates to install solar heating panels at an estimated total cost of JD1.3 million.

He also announced that the government had allowed the private sector to generate electricity from renewable energy sources at a 5-megawatt capacity.

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