Jan 22 2013

Islamic Finance: Robust growth and hidden value- Arabia Monitor publishes new Regional Views report

London - The Regional Views series identifies factors behind medium to long-term economic trends in our region. Our forward looking perspective allows us to place current developments in the region within a broader context and a long-term view. The "Islamic Finance: Robust growth and hidden value" report analyses trends and our outlook on the Islamic finance industry. The paper highlights an appealing set of opportunities for investors.

Sukuk markets had a record year in the primary markets with issuance totalling USD 139B in 2012, a 64.1% YoY increase. We expect demand for sukuk to continue exceeding supply.

The upgrade and development of infrastructure in both the GCC and Asia will continue to provide appealing sukuk investment opportunities, particularly in Saudi Arabia.

Sukuk volatility is relatively low compared with emerging markets debt, due to the thin nature of its secondary markets and the typically higher credit quality of issuers.

Arabia Monitor is an independent research firm specialized in economic and market studies on the Middle East & North African region, which we view as the new emerging market. Our forward looking perspective allows us to place current developments in the region within a broader context and a long-term view. Our analysis is based on the macroeconomic and financial balance sheet of the Arab region and delivers unique strategy insights and forecasts to businesses across sectors.

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