Apr 05 2012

Iraqiya: Hashemi left Kurdistan as VP and will return as such

By Raman Brosk BAGHDAD, April 5 (AKnews)

Tareq al-Hashemi left the Kurdistan Region as Iraq's vice president and will return to it in his official title, said Iraqiya List today.

With regard to the demand of State of Law Coalition leader Yassine Majid for the region to prevent Hashemi from returning, Iraqiya spokeswoman Maisoun al-Damlouji said: "This is not acceptable at all. Hashemi is the vice president of the Republic and he will return to the region."

Hashemi's office revealed that he left the Kurdistan Region on Sunday for Qatar at the latter's invitation.

He departed for Saudi Arabia yesterday, as part of a tour of several other Arab countries.

Iraq's Central Criminal Court set May 3 as the date for the first trail session of Hashemi and his secretary and son in law Ahmed Qahtan in absentia with three charges attributed to them. There are also 70 other people in the VP's office wanted by the courts.

Hashemi accused the Iraqi judiciary of being subject to the executive power after his requests to the judiciary to transfer his case from Baghdad to Kirkuk province were rejected.

The Iraqi Supreme Judiciary Council issued an arrest order for Hashemi on December 19 on terrorism charges after his guards confessed the VP was involved in series of attacks.

The VP, who is a member of the Sunni-backed Iraqiya bloc, believes Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is behind the accusations.

On February 16 the council announced Hashemi's involvement in 150 armed operations that targeted judges, doctors and senior officers in the ministries of defense and interior by using silent weapons and missiles.

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