Dec 22 2012

Iranian non-oil exports hit USD28bn in past 8 months

Birjand, South Khorassan Prov., Dec 22, IRNA

Deputy Head of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPOI) for Marketing Affairs, Reza Towfiqi Zavareh, said on Saturday that Iran's non-oil exports yielded dlrs 28 billion in the past eight months of the year (started on March 21).

Zavareh said that the exports, including gas condensates, had fetched the country close to $28 billion in the period.

He said excluding the gas condensates, the revenues stood at about 22 billion dollars.

He noted that since 2006, Iran has been holding 25 percent of Afghan market.

He said that the worth of Iran's exports to Afghanistan was about 500 million dollars in 2006, which reached $2.18 billion this year.

He pointed to Iran's border trade with 15 countries and said the opportunity should be used for export of high quality non-oil products.

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