Jun 12 2013

Genevieve Lethu is re-launching its brand in Dubai!

Genevieve Lethu is re-launching its brand in Dubai!
Genevieve Lethu, the French dining experts are back in Dubai, Mercato Mall, to bring elegant creativeness back to your dining tables
Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Genevieve Lethu is a French table and kitchenware brand which started in 1972 and since then has been revolutionizing the dining experience across the world. It has 140 stores established across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. It is re-launching its flagship store in the UAE and showcasing the 2013 Spring/Summer collection, which is proving to be the most successful one yet!

The "art of the table" is a particularly French skill and while a lot of brands have set up shop here in Dubai, Genevieve Lethu is among the few which is true to its origins. The shop focuses on retailing items which are produced in Europe. They offer crockery designed and produced by skilled French craftsmen and premium quality cutlery made in partnership with the finest French brand, Laguiole.

Genevieve Lethu also has a variety of premium gift sets which boast beautiful ceramic, simple, elegant and colorful designs. In a vibrant city like Dubai, the common trend is to carry a gift for the home or homemaker when going for a house warming parties or even dinner invitations. The ranges of gift sets offered by GL are perfect for every kind of event and meet the diverse taste of the UAE residents whilst still maintaining the utmost quality.

Genevieve Lethu specializes in providing items for the kitchen and the dining table, supplying quality, functional, yet beautiful items at reasonable prices. The store showcases the finest collections for dinner service, glassware, cutlery, table linens as well as other accessories, at a price range of AED 80 up to 250. One of the key characteristics of the shopping experience at Genevieve Lethu is the option to create your own table ware collections. Whilst there are recommendations and guides to help you, you are able to completely personalize your set of kitchen and table ware according to your preferences, taste and needs. The customization options don't end there; there is a whole range of customizable things, right down to the table cloths, which are available in a range of designs which are made available to you in your required dimensions.

Nadia Fettou, the owner of Genevieve Lethu Dubai, remarked "We are extremely pleased to be re-launching this exceptional brand here, in Dubai. We received such a great market response the first time around that we decided to re-launch in the same location as before, Mercato Mall. What we try to accomplish throughout our stores, across the globe, is to rekindle you with some of the underlying passion of creating your own tasteful art in the kitchen and the dining room. We are looking forward to an amazing response from our flagship store and are really excited to explore opportunities for further expansion in UAE."

Genevieve Lethu currently has 140 stores across the globe and has recently expanded into Algeria, Belgium, Hong Kong, Mexico as well as Tahiti. The brand is present in 40 international locations in 16 countries worldwide, with market dominance in France, Spain, Italy, and Japan.


For further information please contact:
Contact person: Iya Lowe
Contact number: 043427070
Email: iya.lowe@gmail.com
: www.genevievelethu.com
of the store: Mercato Mall, 1st floor next to Early Learning Centre.

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