Emirates imposes new fuel surcharge

Monday, Apr 18, 2011

Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai’s flagship carrier Emirates announced a new fuel surcharge yesterday in a bid to combat escalating oil prices.

The new surcharge, which takes effect at 8pm this evening, comes after the airline increased ticket fares last month to cover rising fuel costs.

An economy class ticket will now cost between Dh40 and Dh150 extra per passenger. For flights to Africa, Europe, the Far East and Australia/New Zealand, the new fuel surcharge for an economy class ticket is Dh80 one-way and Dh160 return. In the same sector, first and business class passengers will pay an extra Dh320 for a one-way ticket and Dh640 for a return ticket.

For flights to destinations in the Middle East and South Asia, the surcharge for an economy class ticket is Dh40 one-way ticket and Dh80 return; for business class, the surcharge amounts to Dh130 one-way and Dh260 return.

“Due to the current volatility of oil prices, Emirates is introducing a fuel surcharge to reflect the substantial recent increases in our fuel costs,” an Emirates spokesperson said.

“Emirates has already incurred substantial costs by absorbing the recent price rises, but the surcharge gives us the ability to respond faster to market conditions, rather than a lengthier process of incorporating them into fares.

“The changes will also give us the ability to decrease prices quickly, where appropriate. We will review the level of the surcharge on an on-going basis, while remaining committed to providing our customers with excellent service and a strong value-for-money proposition,” the spokesperson added.

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways did not rule out introducing extra surcharges in the future.

By Kevin Scott, Staff Reporter

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