Dec 24 2012

Former Dominican Republic President Visits Oasis500 and Learns About Its Successful Repertoire in Supporting Entrepreneurs

Amman, 24 December 2012 - Oasis500 , the MENA region's premier early stage and seed investment company http://www.oasis500.com/, hosted the former President of the Dominican Republic Mr. Leonel Antonio Fernandez Reyna at its new offices entitled NAJEM, located in Oasis500 's headquarters. His Excellency was received by members of Oasis500 's Board of Directors who accompanied him on a tour of the offices and shared with him information on the Company's operations and overall direction.

The Former President's visit took place following Oasis500 's established success in supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups. During the visit, several incubated start-ups showcased their business ideas in front of Mr. Reyna, who expressed how impressed he was with the success stories and accomplishments of the incubated entrepreneurs who were trained and supported by Oasis500 .

"We are extremely proud that His Excellency visited our headquarters. This visit further reaffirms Oasis500 's proven record of success in supporting the entrepreneurial environment locally, regionally and internationally. Oasis500 has not only been receiving Boot Camp applications from entrepreneurs in Jordan, but also from across the world," commented Oasis500 Board Member H.E. Karim Kawar.

H.E. Kawar highlighted the benefits that Oasis500 offers to participating entrepreneurs starting from the Boot Camp training to the final incubation of selected start-ups. H.E. Kawar added that during the first round, start-ups can receive up to JD 22,000 in funding which is allocated to expand their operations, as each start-up sees fit.

" Oasis500 's help is not limited to financial support. The Company also offers start-ups legal advice, mentoring and networking opportunities. Incubated start-ups also receive an invaluable opportunity to present their business models to be screened and put to the test by industry experts. We also link them to prominent potential investors through Oasis500 's Angel Network which enables participating start-ups to ultimately receive the investment funding they need to accelerate and expand their operations," added H.E. Kawar.

The incubation period, which takes place at the NAJEM offices located in the Business Park, is provided from three to up to six months. The new NAJEM offices feature a contemporary and hip vibe that promotes creativity and innovation, and reflect Oasis500 's dedicated efforts to accelerate the transformation of promising business ideas into successful start-up companies.

Oasis500 is the first development and investment company of its kind in the MENA region. It aims to support entrepreneurs by providing them with funding and training in an effort to accelerate the transformation of business ideas into start-up companies in the ICT, digital media, and mobile technologies and content sectors. Oasis500 aims to facilitate the launch of 500 start-up companies within the next five years, which will create an incentive for aspiring entrepreneurs and generate job opportunities within the world's fastest growing sectors. Since commencing its operations in September 2010, Oasis500 has successfully secured investments for 55 technology companies, in addition to a number of other investments that were unmatched by any investment fund in the region.


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