Feb 28 2011

Abu Dhabi transfers six schools to Institute of Applied Technology

Monday, Feb 28, 2011

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Aim to Prepare youth to meet UAE’s needs for a skilled workforce

Abu Dhabi: Six public schools in Al Ain and Delma Island will be under the supervision of the Institute of Applied Technology (IAT), according to a new agreement signed between Abu Dhabi Educational Council (Adec) and Abu Dhabi Technical and Vocational Training Centre represented by IAT.

“The supervision transfer of the six schools to IAT is a step forward that will provide significant benefits as they leverage IAT’s experiences and competencies in operation and management,” said Dr Mugheer Al Khaili, Adec’s Director General.

Preparing the younger generation to meet the needs of the UAE in terms of a skilled workforce is a fundamental step in sustaining economic growth.

Major component

“Technical and vocational education is viewed as a cornerstone for tech industries, and is a major component in the development of our economy,” Dr Al Khaili added.

About 60 per cent of jobs in the UAE are considered to fit in this category. Unemployment, especially among the youth, is about 13 per cent, and the opportunities for work do exist. However, the image attached to this profession — as labour — drives many young Emiratis away. In order to maximise the potential of the Emirati workforce, it is important to uncover the students’ potential, channel it into a useful discipline, and instil a sense of pride in their achievements. Hussain Ebrahim Al Hammadi, IAT board of trustees chairman, explained that this agreement will help create a modern Emirati workforce that can contribute effectively to sustaining the country’s economic development.


The curriculum to be delivered in the schools will have three main streams: science, technology, and arts. Adec will provide the curriculum and books and IAT will perform the assessments, give exams and monitor results in accordance with existing rules and regulations.

Right approach: Beneficiary institutions

Omaima Bint Abdul Mutallab School for Girls, Al Farazdak School for Boys in Delma Island, Al Gharbia area, Al Badiya School for Girls, Al Wajn School for Girls in Al Wajn area, Danat School for Girls and Al Qua’a School for Boys in Al Qua’a area in Al Ain.

By Iman Sherif , Staff Reporter

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