80% of all diseases and disorders are stress related

- Research shows spa services stimulate natural feel good chemical

- Lily Pond Spa contributing to UAE's enhanced emotional well-being

UAE, Dubai, 16th May 2012: Research has revealed that approximately 80% of all diseases and disorders are stress related, as several studies have reiterated that endorphins can quell the pain of arthritis, among other conditions. They also negate aches and soreness from intense physical workouts.

This news will be viewed with interest by those who utilize the stress-relieving services. In line with that, allied with soothing massages, baths and other treatments from Lily Pond Spa's venerable arsenal of services, the end result is a win-win on both the emotional and physical fronts.

The UAE's hardworking populace would benefit immensely from services that soothe and reinvigorate their bodies and minds, and Lily Pond Spa has stepped in to fill this niche. It has become reputed as the "feel good connoisseurs", owing to its dualistic focus on both inner bliss and outer exquisiteness. Its treatments are fashioned towards optimizing the stimulation of endorphins, the body's natural "feel good" chemical.

Although it is not always possible to evade stress, it can nevertheless be diminished, relieved and ultimately tamed. Spa treatments can stimulate endorphins that soothe pain in joints and muscles, while the gentle tranquilizing effect can dramatically uplift the client's mood.

Regarding the sources of stress, the most common culprits are work and family responsibilities. This in turn places a heavier responsibility on the heart to work harder, making breathing faster and digestion slower. Virtually every process of the body is degraded. Therefore by fortifying themselves against stress, individuals can shelter themselves from a staggering 80% of all diseases and disorders. However, the biggest cause of concern is that most people are not even aware that they suffer from stress. This means that over time, the negative effects can accumulate unabated. The body then reaches a threshold where its defense mechanisms cannot stem the flood any more, with serious repercussions. Therefore individuals are better off starting a spa treatment regime early, which shifts the focus from damage control to early alleviation and stress relief.     

The ripple effects of spa treatments can last long after the client has exited the spa. For instance if a woman has minimal stress, it boosts her health and this manifests in a more vibrant looking skin, a healthier body figure, more luscious hair and stronger nails. When she realizes how attractive she looks, it uplifts her mood even more, diminishing her stress even further - and this chain reaction is repeated.   

Lily Pond Spa believes that there is a reason why ancient healing techniques from Malaysia, Morocco and France have stood the test of time over the centuries. It therefore leverages on these techniques and blends them with ultra-modern technology to restore balance and exquisiteness to the body and soul. This encompasses the skin, hair, face, body and nails among others. Hence individuals can make all-round spa treatments a regular regime of their well-being, and accord such soothing spa treatments the same importance as healthy eating and exercise.

Since its inception in 2007, Lily Pond Spa has been a pioneer in luxurious grooming services for a niche market of dynamic women of substance who pursue an amplified spa experience. It has earned a reputation as the "feel good connoisseurs", courtesy of its dualistic approach that simultaneously coaxes out external beauty and inner serenity.

These two-pronged benefits are achieved via a combination of ancient healing philosophies from Malaysia, time-tested beauty secrets from Morocco and timeless chic from France. By seamlessly fusing these ancient techniques with ultra-modern technology, Lily Pond Spa nurtures an enduring balance between inner tranquility and outer radiance. This ultimately rejuvenates clients' natural allure and gives them a reinvigorated drive to tackle the demanding tasks ahead.

Lily Pond Spa's assortment of services encompass hair, skin, make up, body, nails, slimming, massage and moroccan bath. It also offers various cosmetic & organic products. The spa's ambience and services are specifically designed to create an aura of tranquility and exotic sensuality. This evokes an oasis of harmony where clients can seek refuge from the turbulent concrete jungle of modern lifestyles.

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