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Companies and agencies are welcome to submit their Press Releases free of charge to pressrelease.zawya@thomsonreuters.com.
Only Press Releases of business relevance to the MENA region will be published.
Only Press Releases submitted via email to pressrelease.zawya@thomsonreuters.com will be published.
Zawya is not to be held responsible for the accuracy of the statements made in Press Releases submitted by PR agencies, companies or individuals.
Zawya maintains the right not to publish Presss Releases submitted by PR Agencies, companies or individuals, regardless
of relevance should it find them unsuitable to its audience.
Zawya reserves the right not to publish any press release from a group or entity that is not registered in any jurisdiction and can not demonstrate that it is a legal entity.
All Press Releases must be submitted in English.
All Press Releases must be submitted in Text and Word format only.
All Press Releases must not be older than 48 hours from the date of original release.
Images, tables, graphs and data will not be published unless they relate to the story.
Acknowledgement email will be sent once your Press Release is received.
Acknowledgement email will be sent if your Press Release is published.
A monthly summary of all published Press Releases will be sent.


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