Bank of London and The Middle East plc. (BLME.LSE)

Also known as: BLME, Bank of London and The Middle East | Last Trade 0.00 GBP

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Last Updated On: 13 February 2014

Fast Facts

Country United Kingdom
Ownership Type Publicly Listed
Stock Market Listing
Exchange Symbol ID Stock Type Currency
London SE BLME BLME.LSE Ordinary GBP

Zawya Industry Classifications (ZIC)

Sector (Definitions) Industry (Collapse All)
Financial Services

Contact Details

Primary Address
Address Sherborne House
Cannon Street
United Kingdom
Floor: 1st Floor
City: London
City Suffix: EC4N 5AT
Tel: +44 20-7618-0000
Fax: +44 20-7618-0001
Email: info@blme.com
Website: www.blme.com

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