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Emirates: United dragging scandal "a bad image for the entire airline industry"

“It is a very regrettable incident, if you see that not just as an airliner, but as a human being, I was shocked,” Thierry Antinori, Emirates airline's chief commercial officer said. “What I regretted as an airliner is that it is somehow putting a bad image for the entire airline industry which is customer centric at its core.”

Wednesday 19 April 2017- Express

Robo-surgeons: Survey shows healthcare customers ready to embrace robots for medical needs

Around 55 percent of the participants in a study conducted by global consultancy firm PwC, which surveyed over 11,000 people from 12 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, found medical customers are willing to use advanced technologies or robots with artificial intelligence to answer health questions, perform tests, make a diagnosis and recommend medical treatment.

Tuesday 18 April 2017- Express

The Louvre: Coming soon... Abu Dhabi confirms French-linked museum opening this year

“The Louvre site today is an incredibly gigantic working spot with activity day and night. The team is mobilised to finish, test and operate this museum in 2017,” Manuel Rabaté, director of Louvre Abu Dhabi, said at the Culture Summit 2017 held in Abu Dhabi last week.

Designed by prize-winning architect Jean Nouvel, the development has recently been listed among the world’s most anticipated architectural projects in 2017 by London-based newspaper The Times.

Monday 17 April 2017- Express
financial services

Save a dirham for a rainy day: Global money transfer firm conducts financial training for GCC workers

Money transfer global company, Xpress Money, said it had trained over 125,000 workers in the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries over the past three months on how to plan their finances and use regulated channels to transfer money, the company said in a press release on Wednesday.

 “Xpress Money has a proud history of community outreach, and prides itself on being a responsible member of the global financial sector. Our program was designed to promote financial security and inclusion by raising awareness among blue-collar workers – who can be at risk of falling prey to grey remittance channels and scams,” Ashwin Gedam, the firm’s vice president of global marketing said in the press release.

Thursday 13 April 2017- Express

Fight or flight: Middle Eastern airlines ridicule American rival over dragged passenger scandal

‘Fly the friendly skies’ - the famous slogan carried by United Airlines - has been ridiculed by Middle Eastern carriers, following a worldwide backlash over the U.S. carrier’s treatment of a passenger who was dragged from his seat to make room for four employees on an overbooked flight.

Dubai's Emirates mocked the slogan in a new video clip titled ‘Fly the friendly skies with a real airline’.

Wednesday 12 April 2017- Express

VAT to create 5,000 new jobs? That's an "understatement" say recruitment experts

“The UAE is talking about 400 hires. Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait something similar, while Saudi is about twice that,” according to Trefor Murphy, CEO of Dubai-based recruitment firm Cooper Fitch. “Very little recruitment has happened so far. The recruitment of international experts or locals that can get involved has not begun yet… The UAE and Saudi will be the first to go [recruiting],” he added.

Monday 10 April 2017- Express

Best in class: Arab nations work on plans to upgrade school education

By the year 2020, the UAE plans to add more than 175,000 school places to its private schools. In Egypt, the Arab World’s most populous country, education minister Tarek Shawki, who was appointed in the country’s latest cabinet reshuffle last month, promised to tackle Egypt’s decades-old issues of low teachers’ pay, overcrowded classrooms and low quality education.

Sunday 9 April 2017- Express

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