16 February, 2014

AHS to Roll-out Health Awareness Campaigns on Importance of Preventive Screening

AHS to Roll-out Health Awareness Campaigns on Importance of Preventive Screening

Campaign to Target Al Quaa, Al Hayer and Sweihan Communities in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 16 February 2014 - Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS), a part of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), is set to roll out a health awareness campaign in the emirate to drive home the importance of preventive screenings. The campaign will run from 16 -25 February across the communities of  Al Quaa, Al Hayer, and Sweihan.

The AHS campaign in Al Quaa community is scheduled for 16 - 17 February, while Al Hayer residents can benefit from the health campaign from 18 - 20 February and those in Sweihan from 23 - 25 February.

Through the campaign, AHS seeks to encourage people living in these areas to undergo periodic preventive health screenings, including Health Authority - Abu Dhabi's (HAAD) Weqaya screenings to monitor potential risk factors, age and co-morbidity specific counseling, preventive screening and immunization. The campaign also aims to deepen the community's understanding of the medical services available at the AHS healthcare centers in Al Hayer, Al Quaa and Sweihan.

As part of the initiative, AHS will conduct community survey to assess patient attitude and approach to medical and preventive care, following the appointments will be booked for participants indicating the need for follow up at AHS centers. Booths will be set up to educate people on the importance of maintaining personal hygiene such as washing hands regularly for ensuring overall good health. The campaign will engage the public on appropriate food hygiene.

Dr Lolowa Al Mekaini, Director, Eastern Region for Ambulatory Health Services Centers, said: "AHS has launched the health awareness campaign in the three Eastern Region municipalities in a bid to improve the general health of the community's residents. Preventive health screening leads to greater knowledge and awareness of one's own body. Periodic monitoring of the body is highly essential for early detection of problems and better health outcome. AHS encourages preventive health screenings among people of all ages in the emirate as part of its commitment to improve morbidity and mortality rates in the population."

Healthcare centers in Al Hayer, Al Quaa and Sweihan provide a wide range of community services including: family medicine, chronic disease care, mother and child health, family health education, Weqay screening program, school and pre-university screening program, age related preventive screening and immunization, pediatric, dental, urgent care,  radiology, laboratory and pharmacy services. Absher program is supportive regular services provided 3 times per year with cooperation of hospital specialties include: dermatology, Obstetrics and gynecology, antenatal Ultrasound, cardiology, ENT and dental specialties.

Ambulatory Healthcare Services is committed to making the lives of people in the emirate of Abu Dhabi healthier and easy accessible to better health care. AHS uniquely combines local research findings and the latest scientific evidence in the delivery of its services.

About Ambulatory Healthcare Services - SEHA
Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS) is a HealthSystem Facility of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA). It was formed to facilitate and furnish a unique combination of the diagnostic and treatment services of a hospital with the personalized care that a healthcare centre offers. At present, AHS as an organisation includes the following facilities and subsidiaries:

  • Ambulatory Care Centers
  • Disease Prevention & Screening Centers (DPSCs)
  • School Health Services (SHS) at 270 primary and secondary educational institutions
  • Mobile Clinic Solutions

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About the SEHA HealthSystem and the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC (SEHA)
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