04 December, 2013

New breakthroughs in autism and cancer to be revealed at Dubai's first GcMAF Immunology Conference

Dubai: December 4th   2013

THE WORLD'S leading cancer and autism experts will reveal the staggering success of a human protein called GcMAF at Dubai's first GcMAF Immunology Conference.

The findings are the results of three years of pre-clinical trials as well as 65 peer-reviewed research papers, which have reached top medical journals and the US National Library of Medicine.

Terminal stage four cancer patients recover in 12 months. Patients who are now cancer-free, as well as university professors and doctors, will speak during the two-day conference for medical experts. Sponsored by biomedical company Immuno Biotech, the conference is also open to those wishing to find out more about GcMAF - a protein proven to restore the human immune system.

The conference will be held at the Amwaj Rotana Hotel in Dubai from Dec 6th-7th with a launch dinner on the evening of Dec 5th. The GcMAF Immunology Conference is CME accredited and doctors can claim 10 CME hours.

The effects of GcMAF on cancer, autism and many viral and neurological conditions will be discussed by Professor Marco Ruggiero, scientific director of Immuno Biotech.

He will reveal for the first time at the Dubai conference the direct effects of GcMAF in autism, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurons and multiple sclerosis. Professor Ruggiero has also led a team of molecular biologists who have published 16 peer-reviewed research papers in 2013 in journals such as OncoImmunology, the American Journal of Immunology and Nutrients.

He said: "The world of GcMAF is revolving rapidly and its importance in maintaining health is more and more widely recognised. In this race to find new roles and applications for GcMAF, the scientists co-operating with us undoubtedly are at the forefront of the most advanced research. This promises to bring new products for health in a matter of weeks."

Top US autism expert Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet will also present his latest breakthroughs in his search for the cause and treatment of autism. Results of pre-clinical trials show that GcMAF improves symptoms in up to 85% of people with autism. Of this figure, 15% have made a full recovery and GcMAF scientists now believe that new improvements could take the recovery figure up to 50%. 

David Noakes, CEO of Immuno Biotech, which produces GcMAF for pre-clinical trials, said: "There have been significant research breakthroughs since our first conference in Frankfurt in April, including more powerful GcMAF molecules, and there are a significant number of clinical case histories we will be reporting. Results in GcMAF have improved to the point where up to 80% of stage 4 cancer patients have become cancer-free. This is proven with patients who have two months to live and who have also followed our nutritional recommendations."

GcMAF treatment strategies to be discussed during the congress will highlight the importance and effects of nutritional health, Vitamin D, exercise and stress.

Dubai's first GcMAF Immunology conference (Dec 6th-7th), will be followed by an Ultrasonography Course for doctors from Dec 8th-9th. Taught by Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet and Professor Marco Ruggiero, the course will give doctors an insight to a new and easily accessible method to study and treat the brain cortex using Transcranial Ultrasonography. This technique was first applied to the diagnosis and treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a complex syndrome that shares neuropathological similarities with autism.

During the course, experts will show that this technique can be used in autism and in other neurodegenerative diseases including alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS.

Results demonstrate that Transcranial Ultrasonography is able to visualise some of the hallmarks of the autistic brain - reduction of gray matter, disorganisation of the neuronal layers and excessive cerebrospinal fluid in the sub-arachnoid space. In addition to its role in diagnosis and follow-up, the technique can prove useful in the management of some of the most disturbing symptoms of autism.

Workshops at the conference will encourage networking and new ideas. The two-day program will include talks by leading GcMAF researchers and doctors who will report on their success in eradicating cancer, autism, ME/CFS and other diseases.


About GcMAF:
GcMAF is the abbreviated term for Gc-protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor. According to over 80 GcMAF published research papers, all 5 billion healthy people have natural GcMAF inside them - it is a "director" of our immune system. In healthy people, around 10,000 cells a day mutate into malignant or cancerous cells.

In addition to its four direct attacks on cancer, natural GcMAF in our bodies rebuilds our immune system and instructs our macrophages to eat those diseased cells.  Cancer and other diseases or viruses are therefore destroyed by GcMAF and the immune system, unless they can sabotage it first. They attempt to do that by preventing your body from making your own GcMAF. If successful, that collapses your immune system, and the disease grows unchecked. Administering external 'First Immune GcMAF' is a replacement therapy for those who cannot make their own. Taking manufactured GcMAF as a small injection - one dose looks like a tiny raindrop - simply replaces the missing part of the immune system. In three weeks of one GcMAF dose a week, your immune system is rebuilt to above normal strength.

Patients need one dose a week for typically 24 weeks for many diseases and early cancers - a year for later-stage cancers. First Immune GcMAF has undergone hundreds of experiments in universities, laboratories and clinics and has been the subject of 22 scientific research papers.

More about Immuno Biotech
Immuno Biotech Ltd is a biomedical company led by CEO David Noakes and Professor Marco Ruggiero, a molecular biologist and fully qualified medical doctor. The team includes a PhD and two BSc biomedical scientists. They supply 350 doctors in 40 nations. Immuno Biotech is interested in the eradication of chronic disease, including cancer, with methods that can be proven at the molecular biology level. Their scientists speak at major medical research conferences around the world.

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