Haya Water to invest OMR100m in four key projects in Al Amerat

May 07, 2013

Muscat: Under the auspicious of Sheikh Muhanna bin Saif Al Maawali, Wali of Al Amerat, Haya Water launched a sewage treatment project construction work in Al Amerat. Eng. Said bin Rashid Al Asmi, Projects General Manager, said; "We are gathering today to witness the launch of a new phase of Al Amerat water reuse project. Al Amerat is the second largest Wilayat in the governorate of Muscat, with a total area of 992 square kilometres, and the fourth most populous, with a current population of about 58,400 (2010 census). The population has been projected to reach 110,000 by 2025." 

"Haya Water will implement four projects in Wilayat Al Amerat. Three of these projects are related to establishing wastewater networks and distributing treated effluent networks for western, northern and eastern areas. The fourth project will be for building sewage treatment plant and other related plants. The capacity of the plant will be 18,000 cubic metres per day. The cost of these projects is about OMR100 million. All the four projects will be completed by 2016 and will cater to over 9000 properties of Wilayat Al Amerat. The length of the wastewater and treated effluent networks will be about 464km." Since its inception in 2002, Haya Water has deployed all available energy and expertise to establish one of the most ambitious and wide-ranging engineering projects in the Gulf region in recent times. Haya Water is steadily implementing one of the world's largest water reuse projects and now it is well on the way to achieving the goal. 

The ceremony was attended by members of Majlis A'Shura, members of Municipality Council, managers of governmental directorates and dignitaries of Al Amerat. On behalf of Haya Water, Eng. Hussain Abdul Hussain, CEO of Haya Water, and a number of general managers and officials attended the launch. The event was also attended by representatives of companies contracted to the Al Amerat project. 

During the event, Sheikh Muhanna bin Seif Al Maawali, Wali of Al Amerat, praised the great efforts of Haya Water in connecting all Wilayats of Muscat governorate with sewage services. He added that the people of Al Amerat are pleased for the commencement of this project, which will reflect positive impacts on health, environmental and social aspects. He also appealed Al Amerat citizens on the importance of cooperating with project operators to facilitate the completion of the project as scheduled. 

Large project
The Al Amerat project comprises of a connected network of waterworks, sewer pipelines, treated effluent pipelines, in addition to fibre optic cable ducts, covering an expanse of 230km. The project was assigned to Arab contractors and National Engineering and Contracting Company as a joint venture and when completed will cater to over 2900 properties. 

Highlighted the importance of Al Amerat project to the Wilayat, Eng. Said Al Asmi said; "When we look forward to the completion of the Al Amerat project it should be noted the very many positive benefit to the community in Al Amerat from a health and environmental perspective. The environmental, economic and social benefits include replacing the old sewerage treatment plant (STP) with a completely modern state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest techniques for sewage treatment. The STP also plays a critical role in ensuring that malodors are kept to a minimum guaranteeing that residents in the Al Amerat area are not inconvenienced by the same. The project will also play a role in protecting ground water resources from contamination and preserving it for the coming generation. 

In addition to eliminating the problem of sewage overflowing in the Wilayat, and reducing the dependence of vacuum tankers, the project will also provide employment opportunity for citizens through various contracting companies.  

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