50% decrease in tooth decay with an increase in Vitamin D

Cocoona doctors stress on the importance of healthy teeth for a healthy smile

Dubai, UAE, March 04th 2013: A recent study has revealed the role that Vitamin D plays in fighting tooth decay. Researchers have discovered that the "sunshine vitamin" can fight 50% of tooth caries and this is linked to previous findings proving that a healthy smile is one of the primary and most popular indicators of beauty and attractiveness.

Vitamin D is known for having multiple functions, one of the most common being the regulation of calcium and phosphate in the body, both of which are needed to keep bones and teeth healthy. Additional benefits include the risk of fractures in older adults, while the deficiency of the vitamin might lead to depression.

Further elaborating on this, Dr. Sanjay Parashar, Founder of Cocoona comments: As a fully-fledged dental care team we are on a mission to promote oral health and hygiene. The vitamin not only helps with bone strength but also prevents the rotting of teeth. Therefore, at Cocoona, we see Vitamin D advancing dentistry in a major way, especially since its been associated with a 50% reduction in tooth decay."

A lack of Vitamin D can prove to be potentially dangerous, leading to bone deformities such as rickets, as well as tenderness and pain of the bone as a result of a condition called osteomalacia in adults. A sufficient quantity of Vitamin D however, can result in a healthy smile, one of the most sought-after indicators of beauty.

Vitamin D can be obtained by direct sunlight on the skin, and by a small number of other foods such as oily fish, eggs and breakfast cereals. However, in the occurrence of tooth decay and caries, it is advisable to visit a Dental Care Clinic like Cocoona where a dental hygienist can accurately assess and analyze the extent of the decay as well as what measures can be taken to prevent this in the future.

Cocoona Dental clinic fully understands the intricacies of dental hygiene and care; led by an expert general dentist, specialist implantologist and orthodontist, they offer consultations on invisalign and dental implants alongside their numerous other services comprising of oral surgery, root canal treatments, tooth jewelry, cosmetic dentistry and laser teeth whitening.

Commenting on the benefits of Vitamin D further, Dr. Sanjay Parashar says: "Few things showcase beauty at its best the way a healthy set of teeth and a beautiful smile does. It expresses strength, health and a general aura of well-being. Regular and sufficient amounts of Vitamin D dilute the need for artificial veneers and other means of cosmetic dentistry as it provides healthy teeth through natural sources. Not only is it fundamental to health and well-being, it also plays a crucial role in a person's ability to smile, eat, speak and be socially confident."

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