Gold Exports to Reach $5b in 8 Years

20 February 2013
Precious stones, gold and jewelries are of high values worldwide. Some countries earn large amounts of money by exporting these items.

Economy experts believe that countries including Russia, Italy and Turkey export about 1 trillion worth of gold, jewelry and precious stones per annum.

On the sidelines of the Fifth International Gold, Silver, Jewelry and Relevant Industries Exhibition in Tehran during February 14- 17, the secretary of the exhibition, Masoud Attarian, told Iran Daily reporter that Iran is among the exporters of precious stones and metals.

He added the country boasts of more than 100 types of precious and semi-precious stones.

He noted that although Iran ranks among the main countries with reserves of precious stones, gold industry's money circulation amounts to $920 billion.

Attarian said about 70 percent of the industry is run traditionally. "However, by importing modern machineries and equipment, gold and jewelry industry will make significant advances."

Referring to the government's measures to increase its gold export revenues in recent years, he said Iran is expected to export $4-$5 billion worth of gold.

In 2009, he added, Iran exported 4 tons of gold artifacts worth $140 million. "In 2010 it increased to 5.5 tons with the same value. In 2011 it was raised to 10 tons with the value of $500 million and in the current Iranian year (started March 20) the figure is predicted to have grown by 40 percent."

Also referring to the interest of European countries in Iranian original gold and jewelry models, he said, "The world is after our gold."

Although the US and European countries signed into law new sanctions against Iran in the field of trading precious metals, they have had no effect on the exports and participation of other countries in Tehran's exhibition, he maintained.

He added that Iran has showcased several sets of gold, jewelry, silver and precious stones, as well as modern equipment and machineries for casting and making gold and carving jewelries.

Attarian also said that more than 120 domestic companies as well as 22 foreign firms from Turkey, Japan, Swiss, Italy, China, Thailand and Germany have participated in the exhibition.

The items that were showcased in the exhibition included anti-bullet and earthquake resistant glasses, carving machineries and systems, new gold and platinum artifact casting and making tools, gold cutting and forming machines, micro welding equipment, gold melting furnaces, jewelry making machineries, gold purifying equipment, fireproof safe boxes and theft proof doors .

"Iran has decided to take part in 5 foreign exhibitions in the countries including Italy, Turkey, Russia, Thailand and Hong Kong each year to improve its competitive ability," he said.

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