Need for more tourism projects stressed in KSA

14 February 2013
The Mayor of Madinah Khalid Taher presented a number of tourist investment proposals to the chairman and members of the National Tourism Committee, which held a meeting hosted by the Chamber of Commerce in Madinah.

The chairman of the committee, Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Muajil, said the purpose of the meeting was to form a joint team comprising members from Madinah municipality and the committee.

He said that the National Committee will work on forming partnerships and trade blocs for investment in tourism in the Madinah area.

Al-Muajil stressed the need for more tourism projects in Madinah, since the city was named the capital of Islamic culture for the year 2013.

Al-Muajil pointed out that committee approved a number of proposals, such as following-up on the establishment of the National Assembly for the Safety of Urban Entertainment in Jeddah with the cooperation of Jeddah Chamber of Commerce.

The committee is also working on packages of partnerships and projects in coordination with the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities (SCTA), to invest in tourist and hospitality sectors.

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