President: Iran, Egypt have common viewpoints

06 February 2013

Tehran - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mohamed Ahmed el-Tayeb and other scholars of the Al-Azhar University that Iran and Egypy have common points on reforming the world current order.

According to the report of Presidential Office Website, President Ahmadinejad, after meeting with Grand Imam and other scholars of al-Azhar on Tuesday afternoon told reporters that Iran and Egypt have sensitive and important positions in the history and have been lands of culture and civilization for a long time.

Referring to Egyptian's share in producing human civilization, Admadinejad said that it is very valuable, adding that the two nations have enjoyed commn traditions and deep cultural commonalities and nowadays both of them are on the eve of great progress and achievements.

He underlined that if Iran and Egypt stand with each other, it would be beneficial not only to both nations, but the whole world.

Ahmadinejad said that during his visit to Egypt, he will discuss ways of expansion of relations between the two countries as well as attending the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit.

He stressed that during the meeting with Grand Imam and other scholars of Al-Azhar University, it was agreed to expand cooperation in different fields of science and culture and the professors of the university were invited to visit Iran.

The president continued that he is in Egypt to say that Egyptians are in the hearts of Iranians and Iranians consider progress, independence and authority of Egypt as their own.

He also expressed hope that this visit could be a new chapter for more solidarity between the two nations.

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