Dassault presents the Falcon 2000S business jet for the first time in the Middle East

Middle East Business Aviation 2012: Dubai World Central, 11-13 December 2012

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 11, 2012:  Dassault Falcon, the business jet arm of Dassault Aviation, will present its latest business jet - the super mid-sized Falcon 2000S - in the Middle East for the first time at MEBA 2012. Set for certification in the first quarter of 2013, the Falcon 2000S is fitted with inboard slats and winglets that allow it to land at airfields that normally can only be served by much smaller midsize jets. Flight test performance is better than figures announced when the aircraft was first announced in 2011.The Falcon 2000S can fly from Dubai to Paris or Riyadh to London City Airport.

Dassault Falcon will present its range of business jet offerings at the Middle East Business Aviation (MEBA) event, from 11-13 December 2012. A Falcon 7X, Falcon 900LX and the Falcon 2000S will all be displayed at Dubai World Central.

Dassault Falcon first announced the Falcon 2000S in 2011, bringing a large cabin aircraft to the super mid-sized business jet market. It offers category-leading payload, range, performance and efficiency.  The 3,350 nm Falcon 2000S features inboard slats, high-Mach blended winglets, a new generation PW308C engine that produces fewer emissions, an entirely new BMW Group DesignworksUSA interior and redesigned cockpit aesthetics along with the next-generation EASy II flight deck. Deliveries of the new business jet will begin in early 2013.

"After speaking with our customers and performing a thorough market study, our research confirmed that the ideal platform for a wide-body business jet in this range segment was indeed our very successful Falcon 2000," said John Rosanvallon, President and CEO of Dassault Falcon.  "We optimized the platform with a long list of standard options, cutting edge technology and industry leading features with the Falcon 2000S.  Our proudest accomplishment, though, was designing an aircraft that burns 10% less fuel than aircraft 20% smaller while offering a very competitive price. We are delighted to be showing this new Falcon for the first time in the Middle East, at MEBA's new home at Dubai World Central." 

At M.80, the Falcon 2000S will have a range of 3,350 nm (standard aircraft, 6 pax, NBAA IFR reserves, 85% Boeing Annual Winds).  It will climb directly to 41,000 feet in 19 minutes, reach a mid-cruise altitude of 45,000 feet and offer a certified ceiling of 47,000 feet.  The aircraft will also be able to land at 95% of its MTOW, or about 39,300 lbs enabling it to tanker more fuel.  Additionally, with an approach speed of only 108 knots and an advanced autobraking system, the Falcon 2000S will be capable of landing at airports with challenging and steep approaches and shorter runways such as London City Airport.

Examples of Falcon 2000S City Pairs:

(Standard aircraft; 6 pax, M.80, NBAA IFR reserves, 85% annual winds):

  • New York à London, Vancouver

  • Paris à Bangor, Maine; Dubai

  • Dubai à Geneva, Hanoi 

Falcon 2000S Features a Long List of Standard Equipment

"The impressive performance characteristics of the Falcon 2000S are matched by the value it brings to the operator. By building on the Falcon 2000 platform, we were able to substantially reduce development costs which will benefit our customers with a very competitive acquisition price," said Rosanvallon.  "Not only is the cabin taller, wider and more elegant than competing aircraft, it comes equipped with a comprehensive list of standard equipment."

The 2000S is available in a standard floor plan with seating for ten passengers, along with three elegant color and material schemes that Dassault has specially designed in collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA.  Dassault and DesignworksUSA also collaborated on the award-winning interior option for the Falcon 7X.

Along with its unique styling, the Falcon 2000S will be delivered standard with an entirely new Rockwell Collins Cabin Management System that places more controls and convenience into the hands of its passengers making the transition from the office to the aircraft as seamless as possible. In addition to saving weight, the new system will provide high definition viewing for Blu-ray media on wide-screen monitors of up to 19 inches. Functions can be controlled anywhere in the aircraft via an iPod Touch or iPhone with a special application that allows control of video playback, operation of the optional electronic window shades and adjustments to lights and temperature, among others.

The AirCell Axxess II Satcom System will be included as a standard feature. The Falcon 2000S will be delivered standard with EASy II in the cockpit.

Updated, Greener Engine

Thrust on the 2000S is provided by two efficient and highly-reliable Pratt & Whitney 308C engines proven on the Falcon 2000EX/LX which will provide 7,000 lbs max thrust each at ISA+15˚C.  However, the newest generation of this engine is even more environmentally friendly due to a new TALON II® combustor. It produces 20% fewer NOx emissions than the previous generation, without any penalty in power.  It will also be 40% greener than required by the CAEP/6 regulations being planned for future implementation.

Dassault Falcon continues to expand its Middle East sales and support network in order to serve this dynamic market. In addition to the Dubai office, the network includes Authorized Service Centers in Dubai and Jeddah, a spares distribution center in Dubai and a technical office in Jeddah. "Falcons are well-suited to the demands of our Middle East customers, offering long range and large, roomy cabins which are ideal for work or rest," commented Renaud Cloatre, Dassault Falcon's sales director for the Middle East. "Moreover, Falcons burn 20-40% less fuel and offer up to 50% lower operating costs than some aircraft in their class."

About Dassault Falcon
Dassault Falcon is responsible for selling and supporting Falcon business jets throughout the world. It is part of Dassault Aviation, a leading aerospace company with a presence in over 70 countries across five continents. Dassault Aviation produces the Rafale fighter jet as well as the complete line of Falcon business jets. The company has assembly and production plants in both France and the United States and service facilities on multiple continents. It employs a total workforce of over 12,000. Since the rollout of the first Falcon 20 in 1963, over 2,200 Falcon jets have been delivered to 80 countries worldwide. The family of Falcon jets currently in production includes the tri-jets--the Falcon 900LX, and the 7X--as well as the twin-engine 2000LX, 2000LXS and Falcon 2000S.

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