Quality assurance criteria a must for universities -- Tarawneh

Nov 22, 2012

AMMAN -- Higher education institutions should draw up criteria for quality assurance measurement, academicians said on Thursday.

University of Jordan (UJ) President Ekhleif Tarawneh said the increasing number of universities and students in the country, in addition to limited financial resources, are some of the obstacles "we face" in coming up with quality assurance criteria.

But despite these challenges, quality assurance is a must to upgrade the level of higher education, and improve the quality of graduates, Tarawneh added.

The UJ president's remarks were made at a seminar on "Quality Assurance in Higher Education" held at the university with the participation of academicians.

Former minister of higher education Issam Zaabalawi agreed with Tarawneh, referring to the Bologna Process as one of the best examples of how to improve the standards of higher education.

The Bologna Process encourages participating European countries to improve higher education by sharing ideas and developments in education among universities.

This aims to give students easier access to learning institutions across the continent, and thus a better chance of success in the job market.

The foundation laid by the Bologna Accords has created the European Higher Education Area.

The process is named after the place it was proposed where, at the University of Bologna, with the signing in 1999 of the Bologna Declaration by education ministers from 29 European countries.

The 2012-2015 Higher Education Action Plan focuses on the quality of university education in Jordan. The plan says that universities should commit to quality criteria including the number of students, faculty and even infrastructure.

However, according to Zaabalwi, five higher education strategies have been developed in the Kingdom over the past years, but none were implemented.

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