"evo", Umniah's Latest 3.75G Technology Internet Network

Amman- June 17, 2012 - Umniah announced the launch of its 3.75G service entitled "evo" deploying the latest technology in the field of high speed mobile broadband internet. The announcement was made during a press conference held at the Four Seasons Hotel in the presence of Ihab Hinnawi, Umniah's CEO, the Director of Marketing, Omar Al-Omoush, and Ahmad Al-Jaghoub, Director of Engineering, along with key Umniah personnel, and leading media representatives.

Hinnawi stated: "We are proud to launch our "evo" broadband network and services using the latest 3.75G technology. This achievement is aligned with our mission to continue Umniah's innovative journey; today's accomplishment with "evo" embodies our commitment to spread the culture of internet across the Kingdom."

"evo is the outcome of hard work and thorough research that aimed to develop an optimal internet experience to be offered to the market at a time which is witnessing significant growth and expansion trends, especially in regards to smart phones. Evo brings along an exceptional experience for our customers, who can now enjoy a technological revolution ensuring safe internet with effective and affordable packages", Hinnawi added.

"evo" is powered by an innovative technology reaching the speed of 42.2 megabites per second. The user can enjoy smooth Internet browsing, multimedia messaging (MMS), video streaming on websites such as Youtube, engaging in social networks, and much more. It will also enhance emailing as well as the use of web applications with the focus on rich electronic content, alongside the traditional voice calls and short messaging (SMS) services.

Al-Omoush commented about the content offered with "evo": "At Umniah our main focus has always been exclusive content development with an emphasis on the Arabic content to offer our customers a unique experience. We are proud to partner with content developers from Jordan and abroad to guarantee this competitive advantage covering a wide range of offerings such as sports, entertainment, games, health, news, comedy, cooking, and kids related content. We will always work on maintaining this competitive edge and we will keep on developing it, we promise our stakeholders creativity and pioneering services."

Umniah's "evo" service is offered with state of the art devices with attractive designs, and presents users with valuable and flexible packages, whereby they can stay in control of their usage and budget. "evo" involved upgrading the network base stations and cell towers as well as modernizing all switching units. Microwave connections were also upgraded to support a higher capacity of mobile voice and data communication services, with a total of 1500 GSM stations, and around the same number of 3.75G stations in addition to 400 fixed internet stations covering 99% of populated areas in the Kingdom.

About the infrastructure and the technical preparations related to the new network, Al-Jaghoub commented: "This transitional and pivotal move required a solid and effective infrastructural adjustment. Umniah pioneered the introduction of the previous 2.75G network, and today we are pleased to launch the 3.75G service. Our investment exceeded 100 million Jordanian dinars, equally divided to secure the license and develop the network.

In conclusion, Hinnawi confirmed the alignment between Umniah's latest launch and the developments in the telecommunication industry in the Jordanian market. Hinnawi emphasized the future of high speed internet and data communication which is witnessing a consistent upward trend with increasing revenues, as opposed to the declining traditional short messaging and voice services.   

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