DubaiSat-1: A shot of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation

Dubai, 31 May, 2012 - This is the scene that you can't miss in Egypt. The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) dedicates this image of the Great Pyramids to the Egyptian People.

The image was captured recently by DubaiSat-1 in its orbit 680 kilometers above the earth's surface. The satellite captures images which can be used for scientific or humanitarian purposes.

"We wanted to capture an iconic image to present to the people of Egypt," explains EIAST Director General Ahmad Obaid Al Mansoori.   "We chose to image The Great Pyramids as they represent Egypt's prominent role in history, and we at EIAST always wish Egypt and its people a prosperous life and a better future."

EIAST launched DubaiSat-1 in July 2009, and is working on the final stages of DubaiSat-2. Twenty UAE engineers have been designing, developing, testing and manufacturing DubaiSat-2 which will be launched toward the end of this year.

About The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science & Technology (EIAST):
The Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) is a Dubai Government Department established in 2006 to promote scientific innovation and advanced technology in the UAE.

EIAST's primary roles are to promote the culture of advanced scientific research and technology innovation in Dubai and the UAE, enhance and build an internationally competitive base for human skills development, position Dubai and the UAE as a science and technology development hub among advanced nations, and establish international collaborative links and joint projects with industry and research organizations.

EIAST is conducting research using satellite data in many areas to monitor various environmental changes, and manage natural hazards, in addition to identifying the quality of water in the Gulf region - especially the effect of waste distillation on the environment and marine life existing in the oceans surrounding the UAE. In addition to studying ways to improve the clarity of satellite pictures, EIAST is researching change detection on land and sea as well as image algorithms and quality enhancement.

EIAST provides services and programmes at all local, regional and international levels, and is also cooperating with several bodies and international space programmes.

EIAST is closely working with UAE universities on different educational areas, such as resolution enhancement, quality improvement and detection algorithms for different phenomena in images.

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