Dubai Municipality holds forum for Khalifa City A residents

Wednesday, Oct 09, 2013

Abu Dhabi: Residents at Khalifa City A in the capital can expect a range of developments in the area such as new parks and three new shopping centres, officials at Abu Dhabi Municipality announced at a public event.

The event, held late on Tuesday at the Higher Colleges of Technology in the same area, saw officials from the Municipality speak before a crowd of Emirati residents to discuss the developments and know their suggestions.

After a presentation illustrating the new projects, which included roads, parks and boulevards, residents were given a chance to voice their comments on the current state of Khalifa City A.

The comments ranged from complaints regarding the lack of petrol stations and 24-hour pharmacies to the need for more police patrols, public schools, libraries and cultural centres.

Ali Mohsen Al Omari, 29, an Emirati who has been living in Khalifa City A for the past five years with his family, described the event as “an excellent idea” and a necessary one to build communication between the Municipality and residents.

“There’s a lot of excitement from the Municipality and stakeholders to offer changes as per residents’ requests. I like the coordination among municipal departments to offer their services to all individuals,” Al Omari said.

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“I agree with other residents that more needs to be done in the area. More importantly, I think the new services need to be advertised because there could be a new park but we only hear about it months later,” he added.

Another attendee, Khalid Al Marzouqi said it was a smart move by the Municipality to bring together officials from various departments, including those from the police, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc), among others.

“The event helped us understand that the Municipality is committed to developing the area. Khalifa City A deserves this attention because it’s the oldest and most crowded of the new areas but it’s not as developed as Khalifa City B, for example,” the 45-year-old said.

With various residents voicing their views, officials noted down all suggestions and promised to address them through new projects.

Mohammad Al Khatib, 34, an Emirati resident of Khalifa City A, said the forum helped residents know the prospects for development in the area.

“I noticed that for the most part, the speakers seemed to already know the problems that we face such as lighting and petrol stations, but I think when they listen to people directly, they may change their priority,” he added.

By Sarah Dia’a Staff Reporter

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