Ads on YouTube are lucrative, Google says

Thursday, Dec 06, 2012

Dubai: The rapidly growing number of internet users in the region, especially YouTube viewers, is turning the cyberworld to a profitable massive billboard for creative advertisements, a recent study and a Google official said.

Nearly half of the YouTube viewers find “video advertisements interesting” concluded the first study of its kind on YouTube users in the UAE.

“Sixty two per cent of users state that they clicked on the ad to get to the advertisers’ website for more information,” said the result, which was released on Thursday.

However, it is not clear how many viewers skipped the advertisements appearing when opening YouTube. Yet, it is believed that online advertisements are becoming more creative and more to the point.

Google’s global advertisements’ revenues reached $11.53 billion during the third quarter of the current year, representing a 19 per cent increase over the same period last year, according to Google’s 2012 results for the third quarter of 2012.

Nearly 71 per cent of the viewers in UAE go to YouTube to listen to music, 68 percent for relaxation, and 60 per cent to be up to date.

“What was even more surprising is using it (YouTube) for product information. 97 percent considered it the most preferred online site to search for product information,” said Mohammad Mourad, Google Gulf Regional Manager. Nearly 41 per cent of the users search YouTube for product information (on the internet).

Ramadan drama series

YouTube has posted scores of Ramadan drama series after they were shown on television. Recently, an agreement was reached between Google and Middle East Broadcasting Corporation to post a popular regional singing show ‘The Voice’, a nearly 150 minute-show that appears on TV every Friday.

‘The Voice’, Mourad explained to Gulf News, is an example of the things that “users won’t typically put on YouTube, because they monetise it on TV.”

“We have a revenue share agreement with them, so the advertisements that comes to ‘The Voice’ we share part of it with them in a generous way,” he added without giving any figure.

By Jumana Al TamimiAssociate Editor

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