Du to offer nano SIM for iPhone 5 users in UAE from Wednesday

Tuesday, Oct 02, 2012

Dubai: Those who have been waiting for the iPhone 5 sim cards, could grab one from Wednesday from du. UAE telecom operator du said, it will start selling nano sims from on October 3, that will help buyers of the iPhone 5 and other devices to hook up to its services.

The move comes within less than two weeks of the global launch of the iPhone 5, which is selling at Gitex Shopper like hot cakes. This will eliminate the need to cut the existing micro-sims of the iPhone 4 to fit into the nano-sim slot.

Du on Tuesday said, it is the first to stock nano SIM cards, which will be available at all du shops from Wednesday. New and existing customers wishing to get to a nano SIM card can do so. The process is simple, quick and convenient and can be completed in less than five minutes.

“We are thrilled to offer our customers the latest SIM card technology, which can be used in newly-released smartphones. As always, we endeavour to deliver the most innovative solutions to our customers to meet their communications needs,” Fareed Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer, du, said in a statement on Tuesday. Telecom analysts say this will help du to expand its subscription base. However, most iPhone 4 users could just switch their subscription to the new nano sims.

By Saifur Rahman Business Editor

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