| 26 April, 2017

Arab Idol star Mohammad Assaf salutes hunger striking ‘heroes’

Wednesday, Apr 26, 2017

Ramallah: Palestinian pop singer Mohammad Assaf urged people all over the world to show solidarity with the “heroes behind Israeli bars”.

Assaf said he saluted the prisoners in their “strike for dignity”.

“Our hearts are with you,” he said in a video posted on his official Twitter account.

“For all Palestinian personalities who challenged me, I say I am the son of this nation and the issue is not a matter of challenge. We have to challenge ourselves for the sake of our heroes behind the bars who sacrificed their lives for us,” he said.

Meanwhile, Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank have adopted various methods to show solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners.Wedding invitations have included a sentence of apology because music would not be included at the ceremony in solidarity with the prisoners on hunger strike.

Restaurants, like Alf Leila w-Leila in Nablus, declared 27 April an off day, when food will not be served, to show solidarity with prisoners.

Palestinians have also used social media to convey the plight of the hunger striking prisoners, and to gain support for their demands.

Palestinian ambassadors and community leaders in Europe and US also engaged in solidarity activities, to raise awareness about the hunger strike.

The Palestinian ambassador to Turkey Faed Mustafa held a lecture at the Atilim University in Ankara about the prisoners strike.

The Fatah Movement has supported the hunger strike, as well as the prisoners’ demands. Fatah has pitched supportive tents across the West Bank cities, refugee’s camps, and towns.

They have held demonstrations and sometimes have led clashes with the Israeli army at checkpoints.

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