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Norway contributes to global energy security, while seeking to decarbonise its energy supply

Oslo - Norway manages its significant hydrocarbon resources and revenues in a sustainable way, and remains a reliable supplier of oil and gas, but Norway's government should prepare for a future with lower oil and gas revenues.The recommendations were made in the International Energy Agency's latest assessment of Norway's energy policies."As one of the world's largest energy exporters,

20 minutes ago

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Dubai Studio City Participates at Broadcast Asia 2017 Conference in Singapore

Dubai, UAE – Dubai Studio City (DSC), a leading hub for the broadcasting, media production, film, music and entertainment sectors, participated at the Broadcast Asia 2017 conference in Singapore. The three-day event convened over 17,000 global experts, entrepreneurs, professionals, and practitioners from digital multimedia and entertainment technology sectors, to explore the latest trends

21 hours ago

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