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MEES, 07 December 2012
Politics Threatens To Bust Kurdish Oil Investment Boom

Politics Threatens To Bust Kurdish Oil Investment Boom

By Rafiq Latta in Irbil

Political tensions surrounding oil development between the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and Turkey on one hand and central government in Baghdad on the other, are ratcheting up to new levels, imperiling the exploration bonanza that has seen around 50 companies flood to invest in the exploration sector of Iraq�s Kurdish north.

Eni Returns To Libyan Exploration Drilling

Eni Returns To Libyan Exploration Drilling

By James Cockayne

Italys Eni has become only the second foreign company after Algerian state giant Sonatrach to restart post-revolution exploration drilling onshore Libya.

Sudans Take Two On Oil Restart
Take Two On Oil Restart

By Nader Itayim

Having concluded what both countries have described as successful talks on border security, there is real hope that South Sudan can now finally restart its oil exports through Sudan before the end of the year.

Aramco Prepares To Enter Saudi Power Market

Aramco Prepares To Enter Saudi Power Market

By Nick Wilson in Jiddah

To create a more competitive power market Saudi Arabia is preparing a transmission network upgrade and regulations that will allow multiple companies, including Saudi Aramco, to sell power to Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).

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Output Ratchets Up Ahead Of Vienna Meeting
Crude Official Selling Prices, Benchmark Crude Prices & Official Iraqi Oil & Gas Data
 OPEC Data
 Reference Basket $/bbl      105.11  22Sep11   
 Total Oil Production b/d   7,939  Sep08   
 ICE Futures
 Brent $/bbl   1.00  17Apr21:17   
 Gas Oil $/MT   1.00  17Apr21:15   
 NYMEX Futures
 WTI $/bbl   104.45  17Apr21:14   
 Fuel Oil No.2 ¢/gal   3.00  17Apr21:11   
 Unleaded ¢/gal   3.05  17Apr21:14   
 Propane ¢/gal   102.43  10Aug00:40   
 Nat Gas $/MMBtu   3.26  12Aug19:40   

Yemen Launches Offensive Against Pipeline Saboteurs
Weak Global Economy Continues To Weigh On Saudi Petchems
MENA Refinery/Petchem Expansion Plans Moving Ahead
Qatar Launches Solar Program To Conserve North Field
US Turns Up Heat On Iran
Egypt: Mursi Defiant On Constitution Referendum
Eni Rocked By Algeria Corruption Probe
Damascus Fighting Strains Syria�s Frail Economy
Iran�s NDF Holds $43Bn In Reserves
Qatar And France Sign MOU For Small Business Fund
 The Markets
 Abu Dhabi SE 5,156.65 + 0.49% 17Apr10:00
 Amman SE 2,177.88 - 0.25% 17Apr12:01
 Bahrain SE 1,389.05 + 0.65% 17Apr09:59
 Casa All 9,555.05 + 0.27% 18Apr15:01
 Damascus SE 1,252.55 + 0.20% 16Apr10:31
 Dubai FM 4,762.21 + 0.72% 17Apr09:59
 Egypt SE 8,103.67 + 0.29% 17Apr12:29
 Kuwait SE 7,450.82 - 0.86% 17Apr09:30
 MSCI Lebanon 680.39 0.00% 11Aug22:00
 Muscat SM 6,843.92 + 0.25% 17Apr09:20
 Nasdaq Dubai 0.00 0.00% 17Apr09:59
 Qatar SE 12,550.98 + 0.78% 17Apr11:30
 Saudi SE 9,530.58 + 0.28% 17Apr12:30
 Tunis SE 4,535.57 - 0.10% 18Apr13:40
 Major Currencies per USD
 Euros *    1.3810  18Apr20:59
 Pound Sterling *    1.6805  18Apr20:59
 Japanese Yen    102.3800  18Apr20:59
Expressed as 'bid' price per USD except*
 Precious Metals in USD
 Silver per Troy Oz  19.55 19.64 19Apr08:04
 Gold per Troy Oz  1294.16 1294.94 19Apr08:04
Expressed as 'bid/ask' prices
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Egypt�s Showdown Could Have Profound Regional Implications

Energy as the Driver for Gulf Integration: The Gulf Power Grid
 VOL 55 ISSUE 50 07 December 2012 
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