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In This Week's IFG Briefing

Last Update: 19 May 2015

The Islamic finance week in review includes these highlights: Morocco’s government has adopted a bill to regulate takaful and parliament will vote on the legislation later this year. KFH is exploring the possible sale of its assets including its Malaysia unit, as the Islamic bank looks for a leaner structure while seeking greener pastures through its Turkey franchise. It may be an opportune time for KFH and other participation banks, as Turkey has just appointed a veteran Islamic banker (who used to work at Kuveyt Turk, among other financial institutions) to oversee its $820 bln banking industry, reflecting Ankara’s drive to bolster Islamic finance and potentially raising further concern about political influence over the sector. In sukuk news, Hong Kong has appointed banks for its planned return to the sukuk market and the Omani government has announced it will soon issue its debut sukuk, a 200 mln rial sale via private placement.

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