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Mozambique emerges as LNG front-runner

Low capital costs are expected to give Mozambique an edge in its race to become East Africa’s first LNG exporter.

Climate change poses risk, opportunities for Africa

Policies to adapt to climate change could costs African states USD20-30-billion, warns a new report. But it could also lead to massive investment opportunities.

Tunisia banks still vulnerable

While Tunisia has handled its tumultuous political transition better than its other North African neighbors, its banking sector remains fragile.

For GCC water more precious than oil

As the Gulf’s water demand soars, countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait may need to divert more oil and gas output to produce water, warns a new UN report.

Qatar takaful sector faces tough competition

Qatar’s Islamic insurance business is facing tough challenges, but insurers are betting on further boosts from an economic boom in the gas-rich state.

Declining investments hurt Egypt's education sector

In an exclusive report, Zawya underscores the factors that hinder growth in Egypt's promising education sector.

Namibian port poised to be logistics hub

The Walvis Bay is positioning itself as a crucial terminal for trade and transport between southern Africa and Europe.

Gulf’s dominance in petrochemicals under threat

The regional industry has been upbeat, but developing the natural gas sector could boost its revenue capacity further.

Africa's power sector whets investors' appetite

Opportunities are set to rise as the continent’s electricity consumption is predicted to quadruple by 2030.

Dubai Expo sentiment spurs UAE banking sector

The 2020 event’s effect on the financial sector is being felt amid heightened domestic economic activities.

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