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Sector Insight

GCC drives digital consumption

IoT may be the biggest revenue driver for Middle East telecom firms, according to Deloitte.

Rise of the digital Islamic economy

Digital Islamic economy is set to double to USD 30 billion by 2018, but the sector faces significant funding challenges.

Qatar to face rising gas competition

Lifting a moratorium on North Field development would help Doha compete with new gas market entrants.

GCC bonds: Still a Safe Haven?

GCC corporate bond issuances could increase as credit growth slows.

GCC healthcare's untapped potential

Gulf states are placing greater emphasis on improving healthcare facilities.

Algeria to add 10 hospitals by 2019

The government has allocated USD 5.44 billion for hospital projects in 2015, the health minister said.

Tackling youth unemployment with smart education

Governments are looking beyond classrooms to resolve the mismatch between young people’s skills and workplace demands.

Beyond Digital: Innovation in Healthcare

Emerging economies have taken the lead in health innovation and expenditure.