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Sector Insight

Iraq Islamic banks held back by lack of regulation-experts

Iraq's Islamic banking sector has big potential for growth if a legislative framework is put in place, according to experts.

Gulf gas market is not working

Several Gulf states are importing gas to meet energy needs.

Arab education needs unified funding efforts

Arab institutions can do more to improve education by collaborating.

Idle land key to Saudi housing crisis

Unlocking idle land plots and allowing entry to new players could solve Saudi Arabia’s affordable housing shortage.

Saudi Aramco expands to chemicals sector

The Saudi oil giant is investing heavily to develop its petrochemicals portfolio as global competition intensifies.

Morocco's emerging sectors lead growth charge

The emergence of new industrial sectors in Morocco are compensating for a slowdown in key exporting sectors like phosphates and agriculture.

Tunisia textile sector holds promise

The country's garment, textiles and leather sector, which currently accounts for a quarter of Tunisia's exports and 9% of employment, has suffered in recent years partly due to the economic slowdown

IPOs set stage for Dubai retail investment

IPOs from two Dubai retailers reflect the emirate’s ambition to become a global retail hub, but competition is becoming fiercer as mega projects come on line.

Gulf telecom firms eye new growth markets

As subscription rates reach saturation at home, some Gulf telecom providers are looking at growth opportunities outside their hubs.

Jordan banks seen weathering regional turmoil

Jordan’s banking sector remains stable even as regional turmoil weakens the country’s economic outlook.