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Sector Insight

Morocco falling short of new housing targets

Morocco needs make room for small real estate developers and contractors if it wants resolve a housing shortage for citizens, according to an industry report.

Rising auto demand in Africa puts UAE in top gear

As a re-export hub for auto parts, the UAE is poised to rake in the benefits of Africa’s fast-growing auto market.

Shariah funding offers fresh hope for SMEs in MENA

An IMF analyst says Islamic banks may help plug the financing gap that plague startup businesses across the Arab world.

North Africa looks to pump cash into energy sector

The region is keen to explore the energy sector's potential to meet growing demand and lure investors to its shores.

Sonatrach shake-up offers fresh hope for Algeria

A government initiative to replace the person in charge of the state oil firm shows their commitment to depart status quo.

Lebanon still waiting for natural gas riches to flow

Touted as the next big thing in natural gas production, Lebanon has yet to fully explore the extent of its potential.

INTERVIEW: Huawei sees four GCC rail opportunities in 2014

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Egypt offer rail construction and ICT opportunities this year, said Rabii Ouadi, head of business development (MENA) at Huawei Technologies.

Egypt on mission to quench USD21bn energy thirst

The cash-strapped nation is struggling to keep the lights on as high consumption also eats into its exports revenue.

Wearable tech may not readily suit MENA

Wearable technology has taken off globally, but Deloitte says the Middle East will likely come late to the game.

GCC residents adopt healthier lifestyle-survey

GCC residents are becoming more health conscious, according to a survey conducted by Zarca Interactive.