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Country Report

Iran economy to contract further as nuclear talks continue

With sanctions still hanging over its head, the country can do little to keep its economy competitive.

Rebasing helps Nigeria in GDP race

News of Nigeria emerging as Africa’s largest economy is cold comfort for the majority of Nigerians who live below the poverty line. But greater investor scrutiny may compel authorities to pursue reforms.

Morocco's economy to expand 5% in 2015: IIF

Morocco is expected to emerge as the fastest growing economy in North Africa, with its GDP rising 3.8% in 2014 and nearly 5% in 2015.

Iraq oil output surges despite turmoil

Iraqi oil production surged to a 35-year high in February, but political tensions are also reaching new heights.

ANALYSIS - Egypt investors believe Sisi presidency will bring stability

Egyptian Army chief Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi may not look like a model democrat, but foreign and local businessmen believe he can deliver stability to open up investment opportunities in the most populous Arab nation.

Tanzania's LNG dream faces headwinds

Huge reserves can transform the country’s economy, but bureaucracy is stifling the sector’s development.

Ukraine crisis sparks Central Asian anxiety

Nations are concerned about a Soviet empire revival after the regional superpower intervened in Crimea.

Rules keep resource-rich Kenya shackled

The Sub-Saharan nation may boast extensive natural wealth, but a poor business climate stifles expansion.

Bahrain's economic growth remains lackluster

The kingdom has been outpaced by other GCC members as internal conflict continues to hit business confidence.

Namibia heads for the middle-income trap

The country faces downside risks including an emerging market slowdown that could lower commodity exports.

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