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Country Report

Egypt to benefit from cheaper oil

Low oil prices could help Egypt's public finances, but may also lead to reduced support from GCC states.

Expats beware hidden costs in tax-free UAE-EIU

A rebounding property market and rising education fees can erode benefits, according to a EIU report.

Tunisia ponders next move

Tunisia took a step closer to full democracy with last month's parliamentary elections but the new government will face tough economic challenges.

BREAKING: DP to launch Remraam Phase 2

The demand for buildings in Dubailand has increased due to its proximity to the Dubai Expo 2020 venue.

Algeria's reliability as EU partner under microscope

Internal conflicts may find the North African nation falling short of Europe’s trade expectations.

Islamic State finance hydra hard to combat

The international coalition fighting Islamic State will find it hard to cut off the militant group’s varied sources of funding, analysts said.