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Kuwait, UAE have highest Arab food security

Food security in the Arab world has improved but more work is needed to improve quality and safety standards, a report said.

Lebanon political paralysis weighs on economy

The inability of Lebanese political parties' to agree on a suitable candidate for president underscores the political paralysis in the country.

Iran nuclear talks likely to be extended beyond July deadline

Iran could secure a deal with the West on its nuclear program by September, analysts say.

Restructuring Libya's SWF

Libya’s sovereign wealth fund could be leveraged to bring about stability and meaningful economic development, according to the African Development Bank.

Tunisia forges new trade ties

Tunisia’s economy remains stuck in first gear. Can new trade deals fire up the economy?

Dubai GDP growth seen at 6.1% in 2014

Dubai’s GDP is set to cross USD100bn this year, but Citibank cautions against overestimating the impact of Expo 2020.

Infrastructure woes undermine Africa competitiveness

Closer integration is an economic imperative for Africa’s landlocked countries.

North Africa walks job creation tightrope

Rising jobless figures are stoking fears of unrest as the regional economy struggles to shift into a higher gear.

Troubled Arab states struggle to deliver on jobs

Arab countries in transition will likely face an uphill struggle to create jobs for their burgeoning population at current economic growth levels, says the IMF.

Sub-Saharan Africa inflation creeps up

Most Sub-Saharan African nations have started experiencing inflation pressures that could threaten the region’s growth story.

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