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Macro View

Weak oil poses challenge for Saudi job creation

The Saudi government is expected to intensify a program to employ Saudis in the private sector as weak oil prices bite into state finances.

Gulf petrodollar flows may change

Oil’s prolonged downturn would likely encourage Gulf states to divert funds away from global markets and focus on domestic needs.

GCC to top Arab growth despite weaker oil-report

The economic forecast for the Gulf region remains positive despite lower oil prices in 2015, according to a U.N. report.

Four GCC states among top 10 emerging mkts-BAML

UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are among Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s top 10 emerging market picks for 2015.

Oil price drop could restrict GCC credit growth

Public spending will be the driving force behind support for bank lending, according BNP Paribas.