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Fully Customizable Business and Financial Intelligence Solutions Focusing on the Middle East & North Africa.

Zawya Customized Solutions empower organizations across a variety of sectors and industries to make better, more informed decisions while at the same time improving productivity, reducing development costs and ultimately enhancing competitive advantage. Each solution is carefully designed from the ground up according to your unique business needs and specifications.

From selecting the right intelligence, to how individual fields are presented and the manner in which the data is to be delivered, Zawya Customized Solutions deliver the information people need, when they need it.

As the leading provider of business and financial intelligence focusing on the Middle East and North Africa, Zawya can provide Customized Solutions for all your business information needs, whether your objective is to drive sales and marketing or to understand your markets and competitors, Zawya will connect your organization to the people, tools and intelligence needed to work smarter, compete harder and get better results.

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3 Reasons to Choose Our Customized Solutions

Because Intelligence Matters

Because Intelligence Matters

From human resources to technology applications, the future of your organization depends on the strength of its assets, and when it comes to MENA business and financial intelligence, one size doesn't fit all. Your needs are unique and our team will work with you to determine the information, format and medium that best meets your goals and objectives, not only designing the project to your specifications but also in helping you put the information to good use.
Because We Rise to the Challenge

Because We Rise to the Challenge

World class products can only be created by world class teams, and we hire only the best. Development begins with a clean sheet of paper and an in-depth understanding of our client's vision. From there we assign project managers, software engineers and designers to work on your project on a full-time basis, using only the latest and most effective development technologies. Our team will then work closely with you to produce a customized solution that exceeds your expectations.
Because You Demand Superior Quality and Service

Because You Demand Superior Quality and Service

With years of experience working on customized solutions, we pride ourselves on the strength of our quality and commitment to customer service. Each solution is designed in great detail according to your unique specifications. From conception to deployment, our team of dedicated professionals will assist you every step of the way. The end result is a product that will exceed your expectations and delight you through industry leading support.

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Some of Our Solutions

Private Portals
Zawya private portals deliver relevant, targeted content through a single and secure gateway, empowering organizations with the complete flexibility and control they need to meet the growing demands of customers and stakeholders.
Typical components: News feeds, Stock Quotes & Market Indices, Company Reports, Corporate Actions & Disclosures and much more.
Bespoke News, Research & Companies Information
Combining depth of coverage with speed of delivery, our bespoke feeds provide fully customizable and exclusive content across a range of platforms, including websites, intranets, mobile and brokerage information platforms.
Typical components: Middle East Country and Sector News from Accredited Agencies such as Dow Jones, as well as Proprietary Country, Sector and Asset Class Research
In-Depth Intelligence Reports
Tailor-made intelligence reports provide critical intelligence when it matters the most, helping our clients obtain the answers they need to specific business and market questions.
Typical components: News feeds, Stock Quotes & Market Indices, Company Reports, Corporate Actions & Disclosures and much more.
Personalized Alerts
Highly customizable alerts, bulletins and newsletters delivering up to the minute news and intelligence directly to key personnel.
Typical components: Email News Feeds, Corporate Actions & Disclosures, Company Profile Updates, Share Performance, Index Data, Corporate Action Alerts.
Seamless Integration
Data is delivered through a wide variety of formats and can be integrated into multiple systems such as, third party systems applications and services, intranets, websites and databases.
Typical components: Typical components: Web Services, API Integration, CRM Integration, Sharing & Monitoring Tools, Automated Authentication.