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  • Bridge building

    Bridge building

    Construction firms in the Gulf are under increasing pressure to step up to the plate on labour issues, with campaigners arguing that it should be...

    What's next for VRF?

    What's next for VRF?

    As the region recovers from the recent economic downturn, the great number of construction projects underway and in the pipeline represents a...

    Contractors of the New Age

    Contractors of the New Age

    Now-a-days, a visitor to the Qatari capital can drive along a sweeping corniche that affords him or her an expansive view of a rapidly changing...

    The State of Stadiums

    The State of Stadiums

    With criticism and negative media coverage rife on Qatar and its superfluous "football dreams", the real picture is often forgotten.

  • Morocco falling short of new housing targets

    Morocco falling short of new housing targets

    Morocco needs make room for small real estate developers and contractors if it wants resolve a housing shortage for citizens, according to an industry...

    South African railways getting back on track

    South African railways getting back on track

    Investments in South Africa's rail services are set to pick up pace thanks to new orders in rolling stock and locomotives.

    Grandiose Mosul dam always beset with problems

    Grandiose Mosul dam always beset with problems

    The Mosul Dam was always meant to be a symbol of Iraq's grandiose ambition, but from the start, the USD 1.5 billion barrier north of the city was...


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